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Proraso dethroned! The new king of creams is Nivea! Wow, this stuff is slick!

Long time favorite Proraso Green will always be in my rotation, but a new favorite cream has emerged...
Nivea Sensitive Shaving Cream is outstanding! The slickness is that of the better tallow soaps. The fragrance is top notch too. Locally, I can find it at Rite Aid for $4.29. And, I can gladly recommend it to all my Badger & Blade brethren.

What do you think of Nivea Sensitive Shaving Cream???



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I just started a post about it. just got some Saturday. It is my first cream and it is awesome!
Yes, Nivea is highly underrated.

I too use red, white or green Proraso on occasion, but the mildly scented Nivea has always been an outstanding performer - and is much easier to find locally.

There are two version available the (blue) mild and (white) sensitive cream, and both a worth a try.
I can't find it locally so had to get it on online. It's ok, and def not gonna dethrone any Proraso variety in my cream rotation.
I picked it up last week at a local grocery store (giant food) for $3.29. Bought it just because it said to use a brush. I loved it. Modern smell, I pair it with gillette cool wave aftershave, great slickness. At the price point I think I will always have it in my rotations
I grabbed a couple tubes when I first found it in my local drug store. I got the Extra Moisture version as it was the first one available that I saw, the Original is the most common now, and Sensitive still hasn't appeared locally. I thought it was a great cream, very protective and with a neutral scent so it could be used easily with scented soaps for an uberlather.
Anybody have thoughts on sensitive vs. Regular?
The blue, regular one is called "mild", so people may be excused for getting mixed up with the milder "sensitive" one.

I like the "sensitive" one better by a small margin, but the "mild" one seems to be easier to find.

Either one is unlikely to disappoint.
It's cheap here, but not as cheap as Palmolive cream though. I think it's good but nothing special.

OTOH, I think that "exotic" products always are better, subjectively speaking.
I had trouble getting a lather that didn't flake everywhere. Maybe it was the water I used?

I prefer Palmolive cream. But Nivea was pretty good, even with flakiness!
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