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Proraso cream alternative or... aftershave advice

Hi all,

this is my first post so... please to meet you!

After being a lurker for a lot of time, I decided to register and post my request for help.
My favourite aftershave has always been proraso green cream, the one in this small jar
It seems it was discontinued years ago... I can't find it anywhere.
I think the most similar thing is proraso green pre-shave cream, that comes in an identical package but I can't tell if it's good when used as an aftershave, or PREP aftershave that maybe I tried ages ago but didn't like.

I was really addicted to Proraso green gream aftershave and now I'm here to ask you if you know similar products, that is a thick cream aftershave.

If you don't know of anything similar, you could just suggest your favourite aftershave, even if it's gel or liquid... even if... I know I should search through previous topics :p

Thank you very much

At some point down the road Proraso stopped marketing the product as Pre AND Post shave cream, likely to make people buy their aftershaves too. However, the product content is basically the same you are used to, accounting for periodical tweaks to the formula and packaging

you can use the pre shave cream aftershave as you are used to, no problem.

edit: welcome!
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The newer version looks like this. It can be used before and after the shave similar to the older formula. Proraso just calls it Pre-Shave. I believe there is also a larger size of this product available some places.

Thank you very much for your replies!
I will definitely go and buy a pre-shave jar.
Actually I didn't think it could be just a marketing action.

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