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Proraso Blue - a Dud Sample?

I'm new here. Thanks for all the generous info, everyone.

I've been wet shaving for a couple of months. Started with a Viking Revolution set and am branching out. I got a handful of soap & cream samples and am working through them.

Today, I tried the Proraso Blue sample. I really like the scent. The lubrication was decent. But the lather was completely lacking - in two attempts, I could not generate a head with a badger or a boar brush, and what I could get on my face went away quickly.

Folks rave about Proraso lather. I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong (this is my first low lather experience, however), if there is something unique about Proraso to get better performance, or if a sample could be/go bad.

Thank you for any wisdom & advice!
Use more.

People usually skimp on samples
Definitely agree with this. Use samples like regular soaps or creams
That never works and why I hate samples.
Depends on where you’re getting samples from. I’m not a big fan of the small samples that some places offer (Maggard’s). Others offer pretty good sample sizes (Stirling, B&M and Proraso) that allow for multiple normal uses
love proraso blue!!

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99% of all lather problems!

I don't know where the "almond size dollop" standard came from. I aim for peanut (at least) shell included.
Agree. Seems to be a competition among shavers to see who can use least amount of lather.!
The only Proraso ive used is C.O. Bigelow and ive used a lot of it. Squirt some cream on your brush or scuttle and go to work. Use more than the tube tells you. Double it at least. I think they tell you quarter or almond size as a selling point.
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