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Proraso Azure Lime First Impressions

I just used this balm after shaving today. I thought I'd share a few quick thoughts. I'd describe the scent as modern fresh. Think Acqua Di Gio. The notes I smell are Lime, Vetiver and Mint. It pairs well with Proraso Green soap/cream. I like how the heavy glass bottle looks. It has no pump, but the flow control dispenses tiny drops which go a long way.


B&B's Man in Italy
Thank you for the precise description of the scent, Sir! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Azur Lime shaving cream, which seems "out of stock" almost everywhere here in Italy. In the meantime, I got the Wood & Spice cream, which gives an absolute first class performance. Truly outstanding. :thumbup1:
The Azur Lime cream was out of stock everywhere I looked when I ordered the balm a few weeks back. I did get the Wood and Spice cream and balm, too. I'm not normally a balm person, they usually don't work for me as well as a splash does, but these new ones from Proraso work great.

I find the scent of the Azur Lime to be very mild, though. I like the Wood and Spice more.
The thing I like is that it's refreshing but not overly Summer type of refreshing. Lime and Mint scents often get described as a Mojito-vibe. This does not. I think it works in Spring and Summer. I'm also liking the fact it's mild. I've tried a few Stirling splashes and witch hazel splashes and both have burned my face AFTER the initial burn. I think it's their scents. Their bath soaps seem just fine.
A couple of questions: What’s the longevity on the scent? Is there any greasiness or heaviness to the balm?

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