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Proraso Aftershave Splash Question

Does the Proraso aftershave spash scent "match" or compliment the green and white Proraso shave cream scent?

I picked up some red and white Proraso cream when I was at Atlanta Barber Supply not long ago. I love that stuff. Id love an AS that matched that Proraso cream scent. But i understand they only have one AS splash?

Anyway, I contacted the folks at ABS... the gentleman was going to try to get me some Proraso AS splash.

Dont get me wrong... if the scent matches the green and white cream, I will just have to "suffer" through trying that too! LOL.
Probably closer in scent to the green shave cream (and/or soap), but it's not identical. More subtle - doesn't seem as "menthol-y" as the cream. But it also goes well with the white label cream as well.

In winter, I use it combination with the AS balm.
It is closer to the green but not the same (as Perfect Angle said). I like the scent but don't like splashes - I mix it with 444 but won't be buying it again. I will likely be stocking up on the discontinued liquid balm.
The splash doesnt have that strong eucalyptus-menthol Noxema like scent like the green and white Proraso Pre-Post Cream and green and white shaving soap and shave cream.I like to call it the Italian mellow Skin Bracer,has a mellow menthol kick,and a light menthol scent that lingers,but isnt over powering.
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