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Proraso aftershave balms

The white is for sensitive skin. I recently purchased the white and am very happy with it. It is not greasy like some of the cheaper balms I have tried. I found a good deal on it for 11.99 shipped.
I've used the "green" balm, and it's great. I would classify my skin as somewhat sensitive, and I've had no issues with it. Nice cooling and moisturizing properties. Smells good too (like the cream but lighter).
I have the blue and white. Blue is more soothing and seems better to my skin. That said, I can't get along with the scent. Wish I saw the green at the time, thought there was only white and blue balms.
The green is really nice, just a lighter version of the scent that's in the shaving cream and it fades pretty quickly.
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