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proper use of a slant razor

do you hold it like a regular razor, say a merkur hd, and shave with it or do you turn it 45 degrees and put the safety bar on your face?

i am assuming you turn it and use the safety bar, that way the blade is actually slanted. if you don't do that it would just be like a regular razor....right? what am i missing?
Use it like any other razor. The blade will be at an angle to your face, producing the "scything" motion. Or, in other words, each whisker will meet the razor's edge at an angle. Hope this helps.
Use it just like you would any other razor. Additionally, Joel passed on a little advice that I have found to be extremely helpful:

1.) Keep the handle higher than you do/would with the HD.
2.) Try to take long strokes.

These two tips transformed the performance for me.
I just shave with mine, I haven't really analysed the type/length/direction of strokes. I have 5 DE merkur razors and I have no doubt I use them all differently as blade angles are different on them all.
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