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"Proper shave" in Atlanta?

Hey all,

I'm going to be attending a conference in Atlanta at the beginning of June and I was wondering whether anyone knew of a good place to maybe go and get a good "straight razor" shave?:eek:

I've never had one before and thought I might take this opportunity to indulge myself a little.:tongue_sm

Any information would be helpful, also, how about any nice stores that stock mens shaving supplies?


I've e-mailed Art of Shaving to see if they can help any further with getting a straight shave in Atlanta. I saw there are several resellers of their goods but I don't know which (if any) have barber services.

I'll let you know when (if) I hear something back.:001_smile
I don't know if where your conference will be or even if you'll have the time to make it here, but you can definitely check this place out.


They are located in Duluth, about 20 minutes north of Atlanta. The guy who did my shave was named Dino. He was absolutely fantastic. You definitely want to call ahead. In some cases, they're booked as much as 4 weeks ahead.
That place looks fantastic! Only $40 for a REAL straight shave as well, very nice. It is however 25 miles away from the hotel and I won't have a hire car, I'm relying on public transportation as I'm only there for 2 days.

Does Atlanta-Duluth have a metro system or anything?
Atlanta has a metro system called MARTA, but it doesn't go to Duluth. If you really want to go, I can pick you up. I'm due for a good pampering, anyway.
Wow:w00t: , that is really very generous of you indeed Khari (real name?).

I arrive in Atlanta on Monday June 11th and will have later that afternoon and the following day available. The Wednesday I am a guest speaker at the conference. Would that work or you at all?

I'm constantly floored by the generosity and goodwill of the people on this forum, what a fantastic bunch!:a29:
That's so far in advance, my schedule is wide open. Let me know what time/day is good for you and I'll try to make it happen. It'd be good to meet a fellow forum member.
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