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Proper Pronunciation for L'Occitane

Hint, it is (lox-ee-tan).

I have always pronounced it incorrectly as Lock-i-tane with accent on the first syllable.

Every now and then my French major pays little dividends. I never imagined all those alternate mispronunciations!

A few people had it right before the Frenchman from the company appeared with his native accent.

If I were to put it phonetically, I'd write law-ksee-tahn.
The best way to figure out proper pronunciation of products is to search out commercials on the YouTube. In my line of work if you come across an unfamiliar name, YouTube it to be on the safe side.
Of course this advice didn't help the announcer who went on air to announce the passing of beloved Star Trek actor "Leonid Nimwhah".

I always found women gravitating towards me when I was racing and pouring La Octane into the cars. Being contentedly married, their efforts were wasted, I'm afraid. ;)

I'm a francophone so here's my insight on the pronunciation. You guys don't have the first syllable right. It's definitely not "Law".

The French Canadian way to say it would be:

Lux-ee-TAN (first syllable rhymes with "deluxe")

In France, the o in the first syllable would rhyme with go:


Also, in French, we tend to put the accent on the last syllable.

Hope this helps :)
I wasn't sure how to pronounce it until I visited their location in Indy. It definitely wasn't how I had imagined it.
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