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After reading a few posts in this section, I have developed a real bad case of shaving brush restoration AD ... and have decided to concentrate my efforts on restoring Ever Ready brushes. I think that preference is because I am still using the Ever Ready I have had since I was a young shaver (pun intended).

Here are the two I have recently found and am working on. The red and cream model 100 (that I am going to pretend is red and white) is my NCSU Wolfpack brush (no comments about the basketball team, please!). I got it at a local flea market for $4.00. The black and clear model 300L was purchased because I saw it ... and it was only $5.00.

The model 100 had an 18 mm knot but I have enlarged the port to accept a nice 20 mm silver tip badger from TGN. I have test fit the knot and like the looks of it. I don't have a knot for the 300L yet and would like y'all's opinions as to what you would use. It has what appears to be a boar knot now and I may replace it with a new boar. I really like the idea of a short, fat silver tip on that base. Let me know what y'all think.
I think one of the TGN, cream UK boars would look terrific in that handle and make a stunning contrast.

Mind you, I have never done one nor shaved with them, but I surely love how they look.

I have one in my present project which is a wooden handle that needs painting, and I have yet to go and get the paint.
As it turns out, I ordered that very knot for the 300L for the reason you suggested. I think the contrast will look great. I'm afraid that I jumped the gun on the order and purchased a knot too small (didn't bother to measure the original before ordering). If that's the case, I'll just be forced to use the smaller knot in something else. Looks like I may have to go hunt down another handle to restore. Dang!
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