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Progressing Up The Shave Ladder


I am now using the final Derby that came with my December purchase of EJDE89L and have been using the last 7 weeks to practice my technique & learn about various products.

So I have been slowly progressing up the shave ladder from my initial start , learning from every shave whether CCS, SAS and lately a couple of DFS while enjoying the journey. Along the way I have picked up a few soaps, creams, after shaves and a few sampler packs of blades to keep any tendency for AD at bay while learning :001_smile

Yesterday's shave was a DFS and still enjoying the experience one day later and looking forward to the next shave! Just needed to say that to thanks all who have "helped me" get to this point with their postings!!!!!

Keep at it. One day it will all come together and a BBS will be nothing but an afterthought. And I can't think of a better resource for learning than B&B. Members past and present have helped me immensely.