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FSOT Progress Speick Muhle Semogue FSOT

I would like to trade these if possible but always open to selling (paypal only). Pictures aren't the best, but I assure you the Progress is stunning looking in person, as is the Muhle!

Muhle and Speick are New. Progress (short handle) used only 5 times. Semogue Silvertip used a few times and never shed (comes with original box).

Looking for other new items such as DR Harris, CF, B&M, Mystic, Floid, Mikes, MDC, Razors (vintage okay in nice condition but only interested in BB, Red Tip, Fat Boy), etc.. Open to offers if they are new. Just send me a pm of what you have.

If selling, $110 Shipped would be my bottom dollar, which is a steal for these items combined. Thanks!


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Progress / Semogue are Sold.

Take the Muhle and Speick EDT for $55 Shipped or still open to Trading.

I also have 2 bottles of Fine aftershave (A.B., L'ON) lightly used I can offer for trade as well.
Last call for the Muhle and Speick. Two great products I don't think anyone would dislike. I have extras of both, and the only reason they are listed. These are both brand new.
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