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Progress short or long handle?

Buying a Progress soon, as my first adjustable. I realize a short or long handle is pretty much a preference thing. I have and EJ89L which the handle length is, to my knowledge, right in-between the handle lengths of the progress handles. I like my EJ. I wear a size large glove. Which should I buy?


I really enjoyed my short over the long. I don't feel like the razor needed the extra length.

+1. The only time I (slightly) prefer my long handle is when I'm shaving my head. It makes it a little easier to get at those hard to reach places.
I think it's about your preference in balance. If you like a razor to be a bit head-heavy, go with the short handle. If you like it to balance right about where you hold it, go with the long-handle.
I have large hands and prefer to hold a razor at its balance point on the handle. I had the opportunity to try both and went with the long handle version. To me it just fit better. It's just a matter of personal preference.


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Short for me, I personally don't like the extra length and the shorter razor is heavy enough.
I bought a progress a month ago and had the same question. Bought the short version and I think it was the right choice. As nemo indicates it is more than hefty enough and with the short version I find it easy to operate with the pinky underneath the handle.

But YMMV. I think if you chose the EJ on purpose with the longer handle I would probably choose the longer Progress too.
I have both that have been converted to Mergress razors. As a result, the short balances as well as the long. To be honest, I like them both.
Slightly off topic, but be sure to check out TVB Shaving's prices on the Progress. As a new BB vendor they offer an additional 10% discount to B&B members. I have ordered from them twice, and the items were mailed promptly and arrived in good condition.
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