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Just curious what the difference was.........hoping some of you shave aficianados might have experience with all 3
Greetings Sean,
I could rahpsodize for pages on these two, the Vision and the Progress. Like day and night, I would liken the Vision to a Bently and the Progress to a (low end) Jaguar. The Vision is a fistfull of very fine shaving machine. Provides an extremely stable platform for the slow, deliberate shaver. Once you learn to control its mass, you will find it shears the shrub neatly. Using no ppressure and learning how to carefully float the razor, it is precise and capable of providing the best of the best in shaves. I have only one gripe, for me its size makes it difficult to shave in and around the nostrils.
The Progress, on the other hand, I have termed a BETTER Gillette Adjustable than the Gillette. It handles well, has reasonably good adjustability, and is capable of producing a GREAT shave. It is a lot easier to use than the Vision to get a GOOD shave. It is a lot harder to use than the Vision to get a GREAT shave. It is diminutive in size and mass by comparison to the Vision. It has more mass than the Gillette aand can be adjusted to be far more (how I hate this word) AGGRESSIVE. Really, a good all around DE for the wetshaver.
Does that help? :a39:
Yes very much...............I just cant decide wich one to purchase. I think its time to move on to a adjustable. As far as the vision not being able to shave around your nostrils, I cant do that with the merkur HD very well. Thank you for the comparison
Greetings Sean,
I use both the Vision and Futur. The Vision is my primary razor and I absolutely love it. I have always received excellent shaves with it. Having a moustache and goatee I don’t worry about the nostrils. Recently I followed some advice by Joe L and began using it wide open for an incredibly close shave with surprisingly zero irritation. I close it down for my final pass and touch-up. For a very large razor, it is extremely well balanced.

The best word to describe the Futur is aggressive! I receive a very close shave but with irritation – short lived, but there none the less. To use Ron’s analogy, I would liken the Futur to a vintage USA muscle car. Large, powerful and necessitates the user pay attention.

I find that the above razors fit my large hands and are easier to control than my other DEs.
Nice post on the Vision vs. Futur. I currently have a Futur but am thinking about upgrading to the Vision.
I want the progress for the fact that it doesnt cost a arm and a leg but the futur and vision look so nice. Vision is a tad big but why drive a caddie when you can have a porsch.
gage0921 said:
I want the progress for the fact that it doesnt cost a arm and a leg but the futur and vision look so nice. Vision is a tad big but why drive a caddie when you can have a porsch.
I think someone has a Used Vision for Sale
You might want to check with HL before committing one way or another. :idea:
I initally purchased the Futur because I liked the looks of it (polished chrome)and will keep it around for the same reason. Once I had the Vision in my hand I new I wouldn't be going back! I recently have been using the slant, but again I find it too small for my hands so it too will be ending up on the trading block.

Those of you interested in a Vision, I see Howard has one listed in the Trade/Sell Forum.
There's some great advice here!

My usual advice would be to go for the Vision over the Futur. I've been using the Futur for ages and I can confirm that it is a harsh razor.

However, a new perpspective has just popped up. While trying the Feather blades with the slant, Chris Moss also tried them with the Futur. It seems that they transform the Futur the same way as the slant, but according to him, the Futur outdoes the slant! That's quite a recommendation, because he consider the shave as good as any (including str8s). On the other hand, I've been working with the Vision and Feather blades for a while and I just can't get it as good as the slant.

I know this doesn't simplify your decision any, but I think it's good to know. It seems you won't go wrong with the Futur either.
You've made me curious. Time to throw a feather in the Futur and give it a go. I'll let you know me results.
I use both a Vision and a Futur with Feather blades. I set them full open and get excellent shaves from both. I also have a Slant with a Feather blade, too. I get a good shave, but not as good as with the Vision and Futur. This probably runs contrary to others experiences, but that's the way it is for me. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be afraid of any of these razors. They're all good and I think we're all different and use different techniques.

Well I made a trade with joel for his futur so when I receive and give it a go for a while ill report. Thanx all
Well, I did use the Futur this morning with a Feather blade. As with the slant, the Feather blade changed the character of the razor. It was not nearly as smooth as the slant, but then I didn't expect that because of the greater weight of the razor. When working with these blades, the weight of the razor becomes a consideration because of the pressure it introduces.

In any case, the Futur was no longer harsh! It was quite comfortable. I took a three pass shave in my usual pattern down, across and up, using Tabac cream. For the first pass I had the razor set to a 3. I shaved straight down both sides of my face making a continuous single pass with the razor on each sweep. My face felt surprisingly clean after the first pass, and I probably could have finished with only a second pass, but I wanted to do a full shave.

The second pass shaved me clean except for the usual trouble spots, which were lightly stubbled. So, I applied shaving oil for the third pass. When I finished, my face was totally clean. No cleanup was needed. This turned out to be my closest shave ever! Bar none! It took over 10 hours to begin stubbling up. A shave with my Feather Artist Club will take between 8 and 9. That gives me the closest str8 shave. Yes, the Futur shaved me closer than a str8.
I concur, this combination gave me the best shave to date. Two passes using the Futur wide open with a feather blade. Set the razor to 3 for the final cleanup pass. Very little irritation!
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