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Professional Straight Razor Restoration

Recently, why cleaning out her grandparents house, my wife came across her father's old shaving kit.
Both of the straight razors have some pretty serious rusting of the blades and have varying degrees of chipping. One of the razors has a huge chip out of it and Im sure isnt saveable but the other one just have a few very small chips and I believe could be saved if you could clean the surface rust.
Are there any well-known, reputable companies out there would might be up for saving the 2nd razor? My wife believes that the razors were originally owned by her great grandfather and would like to save them and if possible, restore them to the point where I could use them.
The kit also included a couple old brushes. One is an unbranded boar brush and the other is a small badger brush that says, "REX" and, "Made In USA" on it. She also found an old Illinois strop and a beautful porcelin shaving mug that the writing is faded on.
Its a beautiful set that is very special to her as if belonged to her late father and she has memories as a kid of him stropping his razors and shaving with it, so I need someone who I can trust because these razors, while they are in very rough shape, to my wife they are priceless and irreplaceable.
I would appreciate any recommendations.