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Product Induced Acne???

OK, at 56 I don't have patience to be dealing with a breakout of acne on my face and neck. Just started a few days ago and I don't know what is causing it. Regular products used:

Lab Series Multi Action Face Wash
Proraso Pre-Shave (daily)
Proraso green
Trumpers Limes cream
Nivea Post Shave balm (daily)

Any of these likely culprits?


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It could just be your water. Most municipalities' water supplies contain a lot of sediment that can clog pores. I often recommend a shower water filter from Sprite. They're about 20 bucks and you only need to replace them once per year. Great value. My wife and I use one because it helps my dry/itchy scalp and her psoriasis which are both exacerbated by chlorine which is in city water most of the time but is removed by the filter.

Could be the product, though. You use a LOT of stuff if you take into account the special face wash and pre-shave. Take a look at the ingredients in your products and try to figure out what some of them are. The more natural the product, the less likely it is to clog your pores (for the most part). Tabac isn't all natural, but soaps in general are usually more natural than creams. I would take a look at what's in the pre-shave and the Nivea.

Personally, I break out quite easily. I use natural soaps in the shower. All I use lately is Clearly Natural Glycerin Soap and Hanz de Fuko shampoo/conditioner and either their Claymation or a quality pomade for the rest of the day (better products stop me from getting pimples by my hairline on the forehead and on my scalp). I don't use a pre-shave, I just wash my face with that soap and face lather a natural soap. Petal Pusher Fancies is a favorite, followed by Mike's and Calani, all of these are natural and great performers. I top off the shave with a balm. Right now I use Baxter, although I plan on switching to Speick when I run out so that I can use something more natural (Baxter is loaded with junk).

I actually had to STOP using anti-acne products containing benzoyl peroxide and/or salycilic acid to put an end to my acne problems, honestly. Just using the Clearly Natural soap cleared me up, helped with my dry skin problems, AND saved me a ton of money because I don't need to buy extra cleansers anymore.

YMMV, and good luck!
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Thanks for the input. I'd hate to give up my beloved Preshave, but that might be it. Don't think it's the water as we've been in the same place for 20 years. Might switch up my after shave balm.
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