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Problem with Musgo Real

I love the cream. Decent Smell, good shave.

My problem is with the packaging....
with tubes of cream, I always use the keys that come with C&E creams. They work for me with every cream except this one. With the last 2 tubes of musgo I have used, as soon as I get about 60% used up, the tube springs a leak, and I end up having to toss out what is left.

Anyone else experience this? I always leave a little extra room even after I turn the key down. I really don't understand how this could happen.
I would skip using the key...Musgo Real is to good to throw away. Possibly the metal tube is a little less forgiving and stiffer than other brands.

Good luck!

My problem with the Musgo Real shave cream was that it set my face on fire. It gave me a good shave, mind you, but I was ready to call the fire department after every shave. Half way through the tube, I retired it.

Gold Dachs barbecues my face almost as much. It's a great shave, with luxurious lather, but call the fire department. Since I have paid too much for the bloody thing to get rid of it, recently I have paired it in the mug with a mild and inexpensive soap. It's a touch cooler now. Maybe one of these days I will wake up and the blasted thing is gone. I should be so lucky.

I had a CO Bigelow cap break on me, so I just squeezed the remaining third of a tube into an empty jar I had laying around from another used up product. It is a little weird getting that particular cream out of a jar, but at least it's usable!
Uh, Oh ... I'm down to that 60% point right now.

I have found it better to squeeze it out by hand, then use the key every so often to take up the slack. Yes, it helps to leave a little extra room as you're turning the key.

If you leave the cap on while you're turning the key, that builds up too much pressure. On the other hand, if you leave the cap off, you may wind up squeezing out product that goes to waste.

In any case, I had one of my best shaves ever with Musgo cream this past Friday. Despite having a lot of problems in the past getting it lathered up to the right consistency, this time, I skipped the brush, and just face-lathered it with the palm of my hand. Since I know Musgo is pretty thirsty, I kept going back to the faucet to splash on more water ... after about a minute of rubbing my beard in all directions, the lather was perfect.
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I've also had a tube bust on me, even without the key. I just rolled the tube up over the puncture and continued to use it without difficulties. I guess as long as it's sealed it will be ok. Duct tape? :)
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