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Problem with Missouri Meerschaum

Be wary dealing with Missouri Meerschaum. They received the Dagner Poker cob I sent to be replaced with another that had a better shank\stem fit. They also told me I would be notified when they shipped it. It’s been 10 days since and nothing, no pipe and no word as to its status (if shipped). I fired off a email and so far, nothing in reply. Right now, this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I judge a business by how much they value their customer service and their customers in general.


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It’s out of stock on their site, so maybe they are waiting on a run. Give them a call instead.


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Ack. . . I think I want one when they are back in stock.

I suspect the problem will work out soon . . . but best to communicate rather than frustrate.
Something woke me from sleep with an urge to open Brown Leaf forums and check for a MM-related thread....

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