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Price on a Simpson's Chubby 1 in Super

I note the Diamond Edge website continues to offer Simpson's Chubby 1's in super for $132 (plus shipping). This seems to be a considerable bargain compared to some of the other prices I've seen for this brush (no offense intended to the friendly vendors to this site).
Anyone disagree? Have a different view?
I think he is offering 10% for members if you mention B&B when ordering better check that though. Reliable retailer recommended.
I purchased my Chubby 1 Super from diamondedge and can say they are a good, reliable merchant in my experience. With the current exchange rate, a CH1S will run you $155.00 plus shipping. (The current price is 94.09 GBP after subracting VAT.) Expect to pay about 170.00 - 175.00 total. The price will be different tomorrow depending on the exchange rate. The other thing to look at is the foreign currency fees you may incurr with a credit card. My Amex charges me nothing on them but I had an unpleasant surprise with a Visa card that charged $5.95 + 4% for a foreign currency purchase. If Em's place had them in stock when I wanted to purchase I would have bought there. She has them now for about $190.00 plus lots of other goodies.
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Thanks to the last poster. I now realize the conversation is to British pounds, not Euros. More expensive than I originally thought/calculated. Still, a nice looking brush...

One of the finest vendors out there, West Coast Shaving now carries Simpson's and they have The Chubby 1 Super for *** $165.00 *** plus free shipping for orders over $80.00. You can't beat that.

Now I am bummed about the four Simpson's I have purchased that cost much more than WCS is charging. Boohooo!
WCS is also offering 10% off on all Simpson brushes :wink:
Use this coupon code BANDB you get 10% off all Simpson brushes AND 10% of all DR Harris products
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