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Price gouging

I just saw on Fox News that there is a link thru the Department of Energy to report gas stations taking advantage of Katrina and price gouging their customers, all across the country. Gas should not be rising at .25 to .30 cents per gallon in one day.

Here is the link if anyone is interested:

Today we're at $3.69...

In some parts of Michigan gas went up a dollar overnight. I would not have a problem with this if the oil industry as a whole wasn't making insane profits.

I can't imagine telling my customers: "Yeah - we're going to double the price today since we think there may be supply problems down the road, ok?"

The gas in the ground has not changed one bit. That same gas was purchased at a price a helluva lot less than they're charging. Refinery troubles, etc are all fine and dandy - but it does not effect what is in the tanks currently under my gas pump.

Last year in Michgan some obscure pipeline by Jackson had a problem and the EXACT same thing happened. "Oh my - this one pipeline is responsible for 80% of the nations oil!!!!" BS - the attorney general threatened to prosecute and the prices dropped overnight.

All this from a state with no public transportation (thanks to the "Big 3"). I'm in no means a "bed wetting liberal" (actually the direct opposite) but this is pure crap.

The standard line is "Individual stations don't set the prices, the parent company does." Oh really? Then can you explain why the BP station by my house is typically $.30 cents per gallon more expensive than the BP staition by my work (which is a FAR higher income area than where I live)?

This stuff just frosts me. God forbid we don't make ludicrous profits during time of war coupled with the largest U.S. national disaster in modern history. :incazzato
Last night there were was one of those discussion programs and the oil companies were brought up. This guy made a point that all the oil companies would have to do is drop the price of gas so the oil companies would lose 20% of there profit for the sake of the nation. Made since to me but this other guy insisted that we would run out. I dont see why they just limit people a certain amount of fuel at a time and drop the price.
The news mentioned something about prosecuting people for gouging, out here. Prison time. Especially since (correct me if I'm wrong) California at least doesn't even get its oil from the Gulf....
John P.
I really wish you would stop sugar coating it. Come on, tell us how you really feel. :biggrin:
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