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Pressure on straight razor ( comparing with Asulym Rax )

Hi all,
Question for those who are using both straight razor and SE razors with Feather Pro or Super Pro.

I've been using Feather Pro blades for many years, starting with Cobra and now Asylum RX and Enoch ( Enoch accepts Pro Super which Asulym RX doesn't) . Recently I am also using straight razor and I wanted to ask if, in general, reasonably good stropped SR will require more pressure then SE. I understand it all depends on how sharp SR is, bit just wanted to hear variety of opinions.

I have no problems to achieve BBS with Asylum/Enoch, but I can't with SR. I able to have a reasonably decent shave with SR, no nicks irritations, but far from BBS. May be it's impossible at all, unlessmaking SR crazy sharp with diamond pastes etc?
"Bad dancer blamed the floor", speaking about myself. I'll try to apply less pressure and work on the angle.
Speaking about stropping, is hanging strop preferrable to a paddle one? If so, why?


Any style strop will do. It's personal preference. Hanging strops seem to be more popular in the US while paddle strops seem to be more popular in Europe.

Some will say that it's easier to learn on a hanging strop. I would tend to agree, but it's not all that much easier.

I myself use a block strop (bench strop) when honing and a hanging strop for pre/post shave.
Agree with @camoloc. I have been able to get super sharp edges stropping on diamond pasted balsa for a long time. The final piece of the puzzle to get consistently sharp and smooth shaves was the stropping on clean hanging leather.
I have upped my stropping and it shows that something that seemed to make little difference when I started, makes all the difference now.
Thanks a lot for all the advises. I am currently using paddle strop which has a little flexibility, it's modular one from SRD and has slots alongside, so it provides a little flex. I think my problems are mostly from my technique, but stropping plays a role for sure.. if it persists, I'll think about using diamond pasted balsa. I understand I would need to do it myself, getting thin piece of balsa glued to the glass or other flat surface' if it's possible to buy it ready, links/advises will be appreciated, (I tried to search for balsa strops, found couple on Stay)
Keep at it. You will get there. It took me about 6 months to really learn to keep a razor sharp and smooth. For me, a black Arkansas stone, crox pasted canvas hanging strop, then hanging leather gave me my thus far the perfect shaving edge. There may be better, but I’m comparing it to my DE razor and my face is BBS twice as long with my straight. Plus the shave is smooth as butter for a month, then it’s time to touch up on the hone again.


Goose Poop Connoisseur
If you are having to use pressure, the blade isn’t sharp enough. A blade that isn’t sharp enough to easily shave with is still plenty sharp enough to cut skin.
Thanks a lot for your advices and feedback. I've been using two different straight razors during last week every day and I do freely improvements. It's not BBS like with my Asylum RX/ Feather Pro, but what I would describe decent, certainly much better than when I started couple of weeks ago. I notice I have better shave with full hollow one than one quarter hollow, but most likely it's not grind but initial sharpness/striping.

I do 20 strokes on scrub leather and then 60 on latige.

I do have an unsolved 'geometrical' problem shaving horizontally from ear to mouth under the jaw line, just because of the grip length of blade, comarinv with Asulym
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