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B&B LE Group buy *Presenting: The 2018 B&B Brown Leaf LE Pipe!*


Fussy Evil Genius
#2. I'm staggered at the beauty and workmanship of this pipe. It feels as good as it looks. This pipe is the work of an expert craftsman, and I am fortunate to have it.

I haven't packed a pipe in a while. I do miss it though. Stuff for buried away through two moves, took a while to find them.
I got a newer car because the Jeep was getting a little cranky. I haven't had the guys to light up in my newer car yet. It's been a year. I went from one to two bowls a day to one or two bowls a week. I miss it. ☹️ but seriously Paul had a couple extra pipes stamped B&B. I know one sold, not sure of the other. Either way, nice to see you around.
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