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B&B LE Group buy *Presenting: The 2018 B&B Brown Leaf LE Pipe!*

I love bird’s eye, but those crossgrain pipes are beautiful. I almost wish I had asked for one.
Thanks Owen! Yours is a real stunner!
I read your post and it reminded me that I don't yet have any HH Pure Virginia. That will be my next order!
Quick pics. Sorry about the quality.
BL LE 2018 1.jpg BL LE 2018 2.jpg BL LE 2018 3.jpg


Wiped out at 25
That pic brings a question about something I have noticed about all of Paul’s pipe. Under the main boar is another semicircular boar (if that makes sense). What is the purpose of it?

I believe its the mark left when he drills out the airway to the bowl.


Wiped out at 25

The above show “no notch” dunno why, but that mark is to accommodate a shallower still angle to the bottom of the bowl.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Even though we all have the "same" pipe, there are some wonderful variations that make each one special!
Here are a few shots of #12.



All of the birdseye bowl pipes are amazing. My favorite cross grain pipes are #19 (@Riff Raff) and #21 (@showard) I believe.. Exquisite craftmanship and keen eye for detail throughout.
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I got mine from the post office Saturday. It's as gorgeous as all the others with nice ring grain and gorgeous Birdseye and chattoyance to it. I went with an ebonite stem and it clenches wonderfully.

I'm planning on smoking Latakia blends in it so I'm waiting until after the herf to fully break it in.

I live smoking out of a new pipe.
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