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Preferred Sites?

Hi everybody. I've only just started exploring adding frags to my routine.

I've been buying all the Walmart Belcam fragrances to get an idea of what I might like.

What are your preferred sites to order colognes, edt, edp's?

Any more economical than others? Better selection?

Thanks for your help.
FragranceNet and MaxAroma both sell colognes from economical to very high end at much reduced prices. Everything I've bought from either has always been 100 percent legit. Do a search via Google for the best coupons to apply on FragranceNet and save even more.

If you visit your local Sephora store they'll give you a few samples a day if you ask as it's their store policy. A great way to try whatever they have in stock. Not often, but I do buy something from then every now and then as well but the prices are much, much higher than you'll find on the sites mentioned above.
It's been a while since I've ordered from them, but as I recall, The Perfumed Court and Surrender to Chance are two good sites for decants and samples, which is really how you should be ordering fragrances online until you've found something you really like. Never get a full bottle without having at least tried the fragrance on your own skin, and having a small decant around to try a few times before committing to a whole bottle is really a big help.
If CONUS, you can't go wrong with Fragrancex.

The default shipping method is USPS priority flat rate; even if the distance is from New York (their location) to California.

For samples/decants, I only wouldn't recommend Decantshop. They ship in batches from their location in Illinois, which could take from two to seven business days. Regardless of shipping method.
I agree with the advice above about sampling before buying. For samples, check out the ones mentioned already, and also Lucky Scent and Parfums Raffy.
I would say samples are great for more expensive colognes. However, if you're like me and you like classics that are less than $20, you're overpaying on the price per ounce of the juice and shipping. Just to get one sample at a lot of sites, it's 3$ plus $4 shipping, and that's just for one sample.

You're almost halfway to the price of a whole bottle of many amazing fragrances. If you watch videos, read reviews, and go on fragrantica to research the ingredients, it might actually be smarter to blind buy less expensive colognes. Sure, you might not like it. But if the gamble pays off, you have a full bottle of cologne that might not even have cost you any shipping if the offer is good.
Here north of the border I quite like Fragrancebuy.ca. The free shipping qualifications are a little different but they have a decent loyalty program and very good customer service.