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Preferred brand or line of khaki pants

Hi all,

I'm looking for a decent but affordable line of khaki pants for work (business casual). I end up buying about 4-5 pairs every year or so.

I got IZOD last time. These tend to fray at the bottoms in the front where the pants are rubbing up against boot laces all day, and at department store prices I'm sure I could get more bang for my buck with something else.

Any suggestions on brands of good value and durability?
At $50 5.11 pants are not budget burr they last for years under hard use and look good for many months.
Excellent. Will check it out. I don't mind spending the money on them as long as they'll last. I'm more concerned with the durability. Thanks Mike
I researched all the khakis I could lay my hands on a few years ago when Polo stopped making a full cut khaki and now buy Bill's Khakis also. They are way more expensive, but fit & look way better too.


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I have a question about the 5.11 pants. Do they use Velcro to keep the side leg pockets closed? If so, how long before the Velcro craps out?
I've had great luck with "Lands End". They are a mail order company from WI. They are owned by Sears, but don't hold that against them, because they are independent of Sears.
I had a couple pairs from Duluth Trading Company that lasted me for a couple years which is rare for me. I'm a large man and I'm tough on clothes. This was a few years ago so I don't know if the current line is as good and I don't need them now so I don't have any.
These are not really affordable, but the two pairs I have lasted many years in a harsher environment. Great pants.

I'll admit that I do not own a pair of these, but I'm trying to come up with what warrants the near $200 price tag. And with that high price tag, you have to pay them extra to get the pants hemmed. An extra $5 for cuffed or blind stitched. No doubt they are awesome pants. Maybe other retailers have them for lower prices?

My wife makes a lot of my clothes, so I'm not blind to what goes into making things. If I'm going to pay $200 for a pair of pants, your site needs to sell me on why...other than "authentic", which seems to be their mantra.
The 5.11 pants seem interesting.

I've always bought Dockers in the past. They've lasted several years for me. I recently bought some from LL Bean to try, and those seem pretty comfortable as well. For me, I don't believe that khakis are something to spend a lot of $$ on. Find some that fit the way you like, and call it a day.
Excellent. Will check it out. I don't mind spending the money on them as long as they'll last. I'm more concerned with the durability. Thanks Mike
I've been wearing 5.11 at work since they changed our dress code regs. They are extremely tough and durable. After 3 years, the hem at the bottom is starting to fray a little bit, but its hardly noticeable. I love having all the extra pockets for pens, knives, gloves, and cellphone. And they're very comfortable, too.

At $50 or so per pair, it seems like a lot of money, but they're definitely worth it. I would have gone through a half-dozen pairs of regular pants in the same time, but these are good for another couple of years.
I like Dockers pretty well. They fit me better than most, they're not too expensive, and easy to find so I can just replace them as needed. I'll usually get some kind of unremovable stain on khakis well before they're worn out so I prefer not to spend a whole lot on them.
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