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    Any recommendations for glycerin soaps? I want to try some out as a pre shave and have heard good things.
  1. Glycerin soaps may work OK as a preshave, but my experience with them as my primary shaving soap has been less than satisfactory; they are some of the worst shaving soaps I have ever used. I do not mind soaps that have added glycerin, but melt and pour soaps are not for me.
  2. I have used Dr. Bronner's and PAA's The Cube as glycerin forward pre-shave soaps, but am a recent convert to Grooming Department's pre-shave. It is currently in stock, so get it while you can!
  3. After seeing all the rave reviews I ordered one in citrus, which I see is one of the ones already sold out. I look forward to trying it.

    Some pre-shave oils are okay for me. It's not what I'd call a game changer but I do enjoy the Proraso white preshave.
  4. Stirling soap pre shave bar, works great for me and lasts forever.
  5. I've recently started using some leftover canned shave gel as a prep to soften the whiskers. I figure I might as well finish it off and recycle the can. I'll wash my face with hot/warm water and cover my face with the gel--Edge shaving gel with menthol & vitamin E and what they call conditioners. I'll leave it on for a few minutes then rinse it off and use my preferred shaving soap or cream. It really seems to help soften the whiskers quicker. Mind you, I'll only do this if I want to shave and don't really need a shower in the evening.
  6. Used Proraso red because I like the scent and green for menthol feel. Still have some green. Grooming dept I use daily. It’s very nice.

    Also tried Executive Shaving preshave. Nice scent but wasn’t my favorite. Don’t really like the oil. Also GLO soap but it was a bit much. GD my favorite choice of what I’ve tried.
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    Jatai blade glide worked well for me. Just ordered GD pre shave.
  8. Interesting idea. I use good quality soaps and will give this a try. I currently use Proraso pre-shave cream, which improves my shave somewhat over no pre-shave.
  9. Thought I would give Proraso pre-shave cream a go, seems to make a difference. Most notable after the shave, less burn from blades that previously left me with a the definite felling of having a very sharp razor across it. Gillette Perma Sharp blades used to leave me with Razor Burn ( no redness ), tried them again with the pre-shave. Blade felt smooth during the shave and no residual burn after the shave.
  10. I've never tried any pre-shave product before...having said that, I ordered some Pacific Shaving Co. pre-shave oil last week and will be using it for the first time to-night. seems pretty natural without any harsh chemicals. We'll see how it goes.

  11. wetshaver_GA

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    GD pre shave worked well and I got very close and smooth shave as mentioned by other members.
  12. That's why, for a pre-shave, I use conditioners formulated for thick hair. Softens and slicks things up nicely.
  13. Yeah I've used some of the products, too, and I don't think it makes significant changes. So I stop using it.
  14. I have tried DIY preshave oil and found that some types of oils can kill lather development, especially if you apply too much. That is why I like hair conditioner. When you rinse it off, it only leaves what is absorbed into the skin and beard.
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    I’m also a Grooming Dept fan! It’s made a dramatic difference in my regular shave routine.
  16. Used Proraso sensitive skin pre-shave cream and didn't really notice a difference in my shave. Used pre-shave oil I got as a sample from an Art of Shaving boutique near me this morning and didn't notice a difference between shaving with Cella alone and using Cella with the pre-shave oil.
  17. MWF soap moisturises by means of its lanolin of hair and stubble
  18. The smell of Noxzema will forever remind me of an event from my youth. I grew up in So Cal and some of the beaches even back in the 60's had showers outside the restrooms, for rinsing off the salt water.

    I was just kinda standing there minding my own business by the shower, when a gorgeous & shapely young lady in a tiny bikini passed by me, and evidently had forgotten something, since she abruptly stopped and turned around to go back to where she had just come from. She ran smack dab right into me, impaling her bellybutton on my nose. She smelled like Noxzema.

    I was 12 years old at the time.

    It was AWESOME...
  19. I use the Proraso sensitive skin preshave. It makes a pretty good difference for me.

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