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pre shave ?


I used pre-shave oil years ago. However, for the past three years or so I have not used any pre-shave product - until a few weeks ago. Grooming Department sent me a sample of their pre-shave product and I used it. I could not believe the excellent shave I got. You can read about it here. Now I have been using it every day.
Unscented Lubriderm body lotion. Or Noxema. Haven't tried hair conditioner yet, but it sounds like a good idea,

This doesn't have to be complicated.
i use preshave oil and gel. based on the soap or cream im using. sometimes i dont use it at all.

also i noticed in some youtube videos, that old school barbers use pre-shave with a hot towel treatment, then white it off before applying lather. i seent this with proraso and ABC pre shaves.
I always use some sort of pre shave, adds to the shave IMHO. I use hot towel then apply my home brew of almond and caster oil. Aloe vera gel works very well and sometimes use the good old Proraso green pre shave cream.
I just get a good shower and use the bloom water as pre-shave. I do have the Proraso Red Pre-Post-Shave cream. I use it as a post shave balm after I apply the Proraso Red AS when I do a Proraso Red shave.
Tried some conditioner for the first time, seemed to soften up the whiskers.
Just be sure that you do not use hair conditioner designed to repair damaged hair and split ends. That kind is trying to strengthen the hair, which is opposite to the effect desired for shaving.
I use preshave oil off and on. It does make a difference for me, but there are many variables in the shaving process and a lot of times I don't feel like I need it.
I’ve tried glycerin soap with decent results. Tried Proraso green preshave & didn’t get much better results than just a hot shower. A hot shower is my standard preshave/prep. I only use a preshave when I don’t have time for a shower. A few months ago I got Grooming Dept. preshave & I do see a considerable difference with GD preshave compared to the glycerin soap & Proraso preshave. The GD makes my lather better, & provides more slickness. It also enhances the post shave face feel of any soap I’ve paired it with. I’m sold on it. I will use it now sometimes even after I shower, not just as a replacement for a shower.
Just be sure that you do not use hair conditioner designed to repair damaged hair and split ends. That kind is trying to strengthen the hair, which is opposite to the effect desired for shaving.
Exactly. You want the kind that's marked "For thick hair." Avoid anything that smacks of "therapy."
Based on my experience, I bet those who feel they need to use a pre shave product, are using soaps at the cheaper end of creams and soaps. Something like Haslinger, Castle Forbes, SV, MSC just don't need anything to improve the performance of razor and blade! However, the bloom water, or thin lather type left on the puck after loading you brush, is great, don't waste it.
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I use Proraso shave soap and before I shave I run the bowl under hot water, pour the water out, and run my fingers around the top of the soap. I take my lathered fingers and rub my face to soften up my beard. Rinse and then brush lather.

It's worked for me so far but, coincidntally, I ordered some Proraso pre-shave today to give it a shot.
The only time I use a pre-shave product is when using Proraso creams. The whole “system” works better than the cream alone in my experience.

Other than that, I haven’t found the various oils, etc. to really make a difference.
I use pre shave some times

I have equate(noxzema) with eucalyptus that I use as a preshave

Proraso white

And then I have 2 preshave oils from Lisa’s Natural herbal collection

Lisa make great soaps after shave balms and preshave oils
That Grooming Department pre-shave sounds very interesting.

I have tried 3 oils so far, applied after a hot facecloth treatment: "King of Shaves Super Cooling" (green), "King of Shaves Advanced" (blue) and "Nuage Men, with Menthol" (small metal spray canister).

I think the KoS might have a different branding in the US.

The green KoS does what it should, more or less, under foam or lather, but was a bit too thick for my liking.

The blue KoS was extremely slick (which worked well on my face, but applying it made my hands slippery even after washing). It includes a siloxane, which I have reservations about putting on my skin, or around the environment.

The Nuage Men was 99p in a discount shop, and was thin, nicely slick with natural oils, and over-performed for its price point. I bought a few spares.

All three are still around (may as well use them all up, after all), but the inexpensive one is the one I preferred.
Shower, then the Grooming Department preshave. That is all I use now.

I used to use a preshave oil on occasion, maybe once a week, with no appreciable difference between using a preshave oil or not. Sometimes with a hot towel soak, but only if I had the time. It made for a nice routine when I took the time to treat myself.

Also used to use the Proraso preshave products. I liked them but oils+hot towel worked better.

The GD preshave was a game changer. I use it daily. Better shave, better post shave moisturization, easy to use, and not overly time consuming.

I tried going without for a few days and noticed the difference in shave quality and slickness immediately.

Plus, I’ve noticed that the 90 seconds I take to rub it in moisturizes my fingertips.

Just reupped my supply with the new formula released last Friday.

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