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    ok how many of us use a pre shave ? and what one . as I have just used the proraso pre shave and thought it did make a difference .
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    I began using Nivea Soft with Jojoba oil face cream as pre-shave and I'm mind blown how well it works.
  2. Good morning, I use several types. Primarily pre-shave oil - I have Ice oil now and also made some MCT oil and peppermint oil to use. I've got a Razorock Mister joe menthol lime pre-shave soap that's in the rotation too. Do they work? Perhaps a slightly closer shave. I've got very sensitive skin, prone to irritation on my neck, the most effective way I've found to prevent irritation is the right razor, blade and proper technique. I'm going to continue to use a pre-shave product until I'm a more seasoned shaver in the hope that it does decrease irritation.
  3. Many here like pre-shave products. I tried a few and found little difference, so don’t use them.

    Another example of YMMV!
  4. I’ve used four. Proraso preshave, grooming dept preshave and executive Shaving preshave oil and GLO preshave soap.

    Of those four, I vastly prefer Proraso and GD as I didn’t really like oil or the soap. I usually use GD everyday now. I think it helps.

    But agree that it isn’t necessary for a good shave just a fun extra step for me.
  5. I tried Shave secret, Proaso and I think T&H, but i found they didn't do anything for my shave. Some folks swear by a preshave so it is very much YMMV!
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    I’m with @BigJ.
  7. I shower before I shave....that's my pre-shave.

    I have Proraso's, and I like how it feels on the face, but I've not noticed a difference in the shave.
  8. I enjoy Proraso white pre-shave cream, especially if I am shaving without a shower first.
    Maggard's pre-shave oil is also not bad. Art of Shaving oil is too thick and I did not like it.
    I've heard good things about Mickey Lee's pre-shave butter so I would considering trying that in the future.
  9. I’m about 3 months in to Wet Shaving. I’ve been using Alonzo’s Oil. I don’t read much about it on the forums but I like how it makes my skin feel while I’m whipping up lather in my bowl. I don’t know his much impact it has but it can’t hurt.

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  10. This has been my experience with oils. Using Cremo as a pre-shave does work well for me. Mostly I just use bloom water.
  11. I like Proraso’s Green. I like Edwin Jaggers a bit better I think than the Green. But I prefer the most.
  12. I shower before I shave. I use both shampoo and conditioner on my hair and on my beard. The shampoo cleans my beard and the conditioner acts as a preshave. If you are using a high-quality shave soap or cream, a preshave is not necessary. If you are using a lesser quality soap, you might need a preshave. A lot depends upon the coarseness of your beard and the sensitivity of your skin.
  13. My pre-shave is a nice warm shower before the shave.
    For those days that I need to shave without a shower, Proraso works for me but not as well.

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  14. I have used a variety of oils (Striling pre-, PdP pre-, argan, etc.) for pre-shave. I'm not sure oils improved my shaves per se, but I think they helped protect my skin from sub-par technique. Lately I have been enjoying PAA's The Cube pre-shave soap. I wash my beard and/or whole face with the soap, rinse, and then work a little more into just the beard to form a pseudo-lather. I let this psuedo lather sit while I load my brush, or I work some cream in before face lathering. Whether shaving in the shower or standing at the sink, this process supersaturates my whiskers and the end result is a comfortable shave. I believe I would see similar results with other glycerin soaps. Oils are my primary moisturizer -- not just for post shave.
  15. I use Head & Shoulders Hair Conditioner as a pre-shave. Slicks things up nicely and really helps control my seborrheic dermatitis. Were it not for the dermatitis, I'd most likely use Pantene Conditioner (thick hair formula). YMMV, of course!
  16. I do not know if you have a Trader Joe's in your area, but one of their best selling products is Trader Joe's Formula No.3 "All for One, One for All" Shampoo Conditioner & Body Wash. It is also available through Amazon. It leaves one of the slickest films on your hair and skin that you could ever imagine.
  17. If you like Proraso pre-shave, try Noxzema. It works about the same for me and it's a lot cheaper.
  18. I use preface occasionally. I have proraso green and had the white (dropped it ohn the tile floor) but more often will use one of the soaps I bought that doesn't lather well. Using them as a preshave makes me feel like I'm getting some value from them.
  19. I do that sometimes too but I've found some soaps are better than others for whisker softening. If it's not good for shaving or prep, I'll use it in the shower.

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