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Pre Shave oil

May be a dumb question, can I use beard oil as Pre shave oil? I have a supply left over I will likely never use it. ImWhat I have has shea butter, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Mango Butter and Beeswax in it. I am going to try it anyway, just curious you fellas opinion.


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Can't hurt. My understanding is that beard oil is for moisturizing so ya' don't get that wonderful itchiness.

I never really benefited from a pre-shave oil. Others say they help. YMMV.
I've never understood Pre Shave Oil....oil repels water which IMO is last thing you want to get your whiskers soft and hydrated ??
I tried the beard oil and it make a difference in the way my skin felt post shave. No irritation but I been lucky lately and it been a while since if fought that. I didn’t really notice a difference during the save. Also tried Shea & Coco butter lotion as a pre-shave and ended up with similar results. Possibly a little better post shave feel. Test razor wash 40’s Fat handle Tech and feather blade, G.F Trumper’s Sandalwood, finished off with Clubman Musk.
I'm a fan of pre shave products, but find oils to be the least consistent. The only pres-have oil that really stands out is the Musgo Real - pricey but works wonderfully.
I've not heard or read of anyone doing that but I don't see why not. 🤷‍♂️

Years ago when I used to do pre-shave, I had much better luck with a glycerin bar than with oils. I found it was a better glide and far less mess.

Nowadays, I eschew pre-shave entirely and also shave with cold water. I've found that the shave is better and my face is healthier overall.

Fair warning though..this approach requires a very good lather from a quality soap and a very sharp blade as the whiskers are tougher to cut than when using hot water and pre-shave.
You only need a tiny amount, like a few drops rubbed between your hands.

I've personally given up on pre-shave oils. Now, I use a pre-shave soap like PAA Ice Cube. What's needed from a pre-shave is to allow water to penetrate and hydrate the whiskers. Mild face soaps are ideal for that.
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