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pre de provence shave soaps any good?

After a long time today I reopened my tin of PdP N°63 shave soap. I had almost forgotten how magnificent the scent alone is... :001_wub: I put the puck in action and got a SUPERB shave with it. This is a soap that loves heavy loading combined with a modest quantity of water IMHO. The resulting lather was thick, fragrant, with excellent slickness and great post shave feel. OUTSTANDING.
Ok, that's it. I'm buying me some PdP 63 :)
I'm 3017'ing a tub right now.

Load heavy....then load some more. I add the water slowly.

To be honest, I still don't have it fully dialed in but there is a lot of shave left and I'm hoping I completely master it soon.

That said, even the subpar lathers have been great. It's just sometimes I have to reapply, likely due to not enough water (user error) as I have been a cream user for the past few years.

I ended up buying the bergamot and thyme on amazon. I don't care for the scent. It's not offensive, but I just don't care for it. to me, it smells like a mild soapy scent. kinda reminds me of irish spring soap. I should have gotten the no 63. the shave itself was pretty good. the soap provided a pretty good lather and I did not get any nicks or cuts like I sometimes do. all in all, the bergamot and thyme shave soap is a pretty good shaving soap.


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@Messygoon expressed my preference...original scent all the way. As to @cantujm observing that it lasts a long time, I found that lathering copiously atop the puck and shaving daily, one puck in its cool little tin got me through about sixteen months, not bad for about $15. As to @carluchi saying that it smells like fresh laundry, bingo! For someone like me who is penuriously and likes very clean scents, this ought to be on any short list.


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I like 63 better than the Bergamot Thyme flavor. It's a good soap, but for the money there are some I like better.


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OMG, you know what that really means... 62 iterations of threads lamenting how the soap has been ruined by the formula change and some panic buying of each iteration's new old stock.
I was checking their site for any reference to the backstory behind 63 nothing there. Might be like Heinz 57.
Or the original postal code for the south of France under Napoleon.


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Fantastic performer as a soap. One of the best I’ve used, frankly. 63 worked great for me and I suspect the bergamot and thyme will be just as good.
Bob, there's a third option to consider: La Maison du Savon de Marseille Monsieur, still from France. Its ingredients list is almost identical to Pre de Provence, sole main difference is that this one uses Argan Oil in place of the Shea Butter contained in PdP.


I love the original formulation, especially the combination of soap and after shave balm in the winter. The soap itself has average performance, but a great smell. Very long lasting: my puck, in regular rotation with several others, is more than 6 years old and still at more than 50%. The ASB has great performance and a great smell
All I could find on origins....

No. 63 Is THE Fragrance for Men Our No. 63 Collection is the expression of masculine fragrance with a warm and spicy scent that can be described as peppery with a mild citrus note, rounded out by cedar wood, juicy plum, and violet leaves that finish into an ambery base of leather and tobacco. A wonderful, everyday scent that will travel to the office and then to a night out with good company, turning heads while you walk through the crowd. Our collection includes a triple-milled shave soap, lotion, beard oil, shave cream, shower gel, cologne, bath soap, after shave, and hand cream. Discover these amazing products for yourself and man-up in the bathroom. The Inspiration It always starts with a road trip. After hours of flying, we head out from Marseille onto a faceless highway that could be found anywhere in the world. Finally, we feel the road begin to gently bend and wind around wooded hillsides, woven among open farmlands as we climb the mountainous plateaus and valleys. Bright sun and blue skies rejuvenate us. Fresh air of warm woody, herbaceous scents invigorates us. Where will the next curve take us on our adventure 63 miles north into the heart of Provence? Welcome to No.63.
I 3017ed a puck of the bergamot scented one a few years ago. Great soap and lasts forever. Took a few tries to get it dialled in if I remember correctly. May buy the 63 in the future if it's still available after I've finished what I have already.
Pre de Provence Shave Soap is among the best of the best.

I used the Original Bergamot & Thyme for many years (after trying just about every other shave soap under the sun).

It is the only soap I would buy now (if I was still using a brush and soap).

Never tried the No. 63.

I have the #63 and really like it. It seems to last because my puck still looks New and If I remember correctly I have had it about a year or year and a half... I have used it about a half dozen times or so since I got it..
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