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Prague and Krakow

It looks like I'll be heading to one or both of these cities this summer, and would like to have an idea what I can expect to find there. In particular, I'd love to get my hands on an Irisch Moos shave stick, or if not, at least Tabac, but other good soaps and creams interest me as well. If any members from either of these cities or who have visited either would be able to help me with reconnaissance, I would be very grateful.

Please share which products are must buys, and what is available. In addition, if you can be specific about where to find them, it would be even more helpful.

Thank you in advance.
I can't speak to the specific type of recommendation you might be seeking, and at the risk of derailing the thread, I will say that it's imperative to make clear the nature of your inquiry if you go antiquing for straight razors in either of those cities.

Both are absolutely replete with antiques shops; however, be aware of a peculiar caveat. That is, while visiting both this past winter, I made the error of casually strolling in and asking about straight razors. Unaware of local stigmata, I was quite taken by the fact that none seemed to have any available whatsoever.

The thought didn't occur to me until after the fifth shop owner in Prague (I was equally unsuccessful in Krakow) asked me for what purpose I would be using my finds that, instead of laboriously explaining my obvious (to me) desire to shave, local thugs were perhaps known to maliciously utilize them against others, and that these shop owners were protecting their wares from such involvements due to their skepticism!

After speaking with this last shop owner at length in order to instill some confidence in my character and motivation, he finally withdrew handfuls of (mostly unsalvageable) straight razors from a case. Oh well, at least we shared a bit of interesting discourse on the matter. Good luck!
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