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Pot Noodles


Wanting for wisdom
As a throw in with other items I purchased I received some Chinese style plain noodles that are good served in soup or served cold with dipping sauce.

Does anybody have a fairly veganish idea how I could use these?
I would make a broth with some dried seaweed and mushrooms and vegetables of your choosing and make a soup.


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Cold noodles with sesame sauce.
Cook noodles to al dente then rinse well in cold water and drain.
Thin sesame paste (from an Asian market, not tahini, but the latter will work in a pinch) with a bit of vegetable stock, a bit of soy sauce, a touch of sugar, and a splash of sesame oil.
Toss with noodles and sliced scallions.

Takes only minutes to prepare and makes for a nice light meal for a hot summer day.



I usually use the Lan Chi brand in the second pic- it seems to last forever.


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You can also dress them like soba noodles in tsuyu, a mixture of dashi (a broth made from kombu kelp and dried bonita flakes), soy sauce and mirin.
For cold. For a semester I was fortunate enough to share a house with a former Chinese chef from Taiwan. As a human he was a complete waste of oxygen. As a cook he was amazing (Except for his cure for a cold, which was really gross). He did a cold noodle bowl with carrots, onions, cucumbers, Tofu/meat, and a spicy peanut sauce.
All the veg and meat was cut into very thin match sticks

I have no idea how he did the tofu since I can't stand the stuff, but my other house mate was a vegetarian and he said it was really good.
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