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Post your shave dens!

Lol! I have to pack everything up before we move. But we're stationary until mid December. Then everything will stay packed up until after the first if the year, when we'll be settled again for at least a few months.
Oh, I was wondering how u did it:laugh:
Picked up an antique display cabinet at a flea market a couple of weeks ago. Just got it set up in the den tonight, now to clean it up and decide what to put in it.

$2016-11-07 18.36.34.jpg
Merkur 37c
Maggard v2 open comb w/ mrt travel handle
Standard Razors DE, black
Dorco Prime TTO

coming in mail:
'53 gillette 40s style super speed
unknown date gold gillette ball tip tech

Omega S series synthetic brush
Maggard synthetic brush

I rotate blades and soaps/creams, as we all do, but I always will have on hand proraso green cream, la toja stick, and gillette foamy menthol (hey, we all have those days haha) as well as gillette silver blue, 7oc black, feather, dorco 301, and personna blue

Ill post a pic when the new (vintage) razors come in
HaHa, little did my wife know until I brought it out in the open, what she still don't know is, that's only about half of it. She's been very supportive of my obsession, but when she first saw it, she asked, how much is all that worth, I told her about $2 apiece.
Also, that gold gillette travel kit with the purple interior case is my absolute holy grail of pieces I will one day add to my collection
This was as of Nov 26 2016.
However, I have since purchased the following:
Crabtree and Evelyne West Indian Lime soap/bowl and cream and aftershave including the tube key.
TOBS Jermyn street cream in a tube, pre shave gel and aftershave to round out my Jermyn Street set.
And today I saw the Jack Black razor and brush on sale (nib) on the E bay and I could not contain myself.
$Shave Den Nov 16.jpg


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Wow! How long have you been collecting? So much cool stuff going on. Love the Huge shave set on the top of your first pic
So I definitely do not have a problem..

Out of curiosity, do you use everything in your den? Is there a smaller "rotation"? Or is it more collecting?
How long have you been collecting?
Well, ever since I joined B&B, so over 6 years.

Out of curiosity, do you use everything in your den? Is there a smaller "rotation"? Or is it more collecting?
Most everything in those pics are just on display as part of the collection. They will get use from time to time. The rest of the regular "rotation" is in my bathroom and bedroom. Probably just as much there as well.
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