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Post your shave dens!

Updated picture had to move was running low on space already..Won't be long before I purchase a cheap plastic storage drawer system for my soaps and creams either I bet


Well this is the shave den of the day! My american Gillette Slim Adjustable with a egyptian Shark ss blade on a customized swedish Ikea toothbrush stand. A turkish Brush nr 6 on a chinese Frank Shaving acrylic stand. In the background a indian Gillette Guard and outside frame, a turkish Arko soap. Its like a having a little bit of the whole world on the window shelf! :thumbup1:


My Shave Den - March 26 2012.
Merkur HD 34C
Edwin Jagger Best Badger
Butterscotch Kent KS5 22mm Silvertip (Knot from TGN)
TOBS Shaving Cream - Avocado
RazoRock XXX Shaving Soap
Geo. F. Trumper Violet Cream
Nivea Sensitive Skin Aftershave
Prorasso Pre-Post
AOS Lavender Shave Cream
AOS Sandalwood Shave Cream
TOBS Shaving Cream - Eton College
Fendrihan Shave Mug
444 Aftershave


Mine, as at yesterday:

My girlfriend sent me some proraso splash and some witchhazel today so next time I have other razors to add, they might be included as well.
this is what iv got so far need a bettre camera than this webcam tho lol


you guys have some really nice shave dens thanks for sharing.
Here's my shave den. Brushes you see here are all the ones I have. I have a few handles without knots not pictured. Also, these are the only mugs I own as well.

Brushes are pictured next, although I'm realizing this pic isn't as great.

I've used old pipe stands for my razor stands. The glass piece of the left one holds about 1/10 of my blades.

Software's next. This is about half of it... oops. Soaps are two deep, creams are not. Trying to get rid of them.

All the aftershaves and colognes I use are here. As well as all my cased razors. Have some others in storage but those are nothing to display.

I have two rolling plastic storage units that have more. 2 years and finally figured I'd post a shave den picture
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Here is my current den after one year on B&B. The other dens in this thread are definitely an inspiration. There are numerous clever and tasteful ideas throughout, thanks! $CIMG3988.jpg $CIMG3985.jpg $CIMG3989.jpg $CIMG3990.jpg
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