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Post Your Pictures - Theirs Issard

Nice blades. I am looking for vintage Spartacus in salvageable condition for quite long time. No luck for now.


Anyone care to guess about when this was made?No hone wear and almost 7/8.Even came with original box marked 188 as is the razor.


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My 7/8ths with Stamina scales. Been using since 9/9/99View attachment 1147362
I was able to find an 'original' advert from the Knife Centre where I purchased it (Item no J86).
"We have a limited number of "Old Forgings" from Thiers-Issard. These are razors made recently from 50 to 100 year old forged steel razor blanks."
Prices were so cheap, the Special Coiffeur was going for $60 and is now $112.
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