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Post your pictures - ERN Razors

This is an interesting thread and so many beautiful razors.
Here are my ERNs.
An very worn 'Ski' with celluloid scales, which despite its appearance gives me excellent shaves.

Another 'Ski' in much better condition:

and a 'NIAZI' with celluloid scales (the only one I have seen so far):

All three have a half-hollow ground.
What would this symbol be?
2019-01-31 17.23.43.jpg
This is a trademark from 'Friedrich Ern & Co.', a double-headed eagle, wings displayed, holding an open razor in its talons (registered already in 1897). It was a different company than 'Carl Friedrich Ern' (C.F. Ern) as you can see from the place Weyer-Solingen, which is different than Wald-Solingen (the location of C.F. Ern).
Wald bei Solingen means Wald near Solingen.
Wald means Wood or Forest, but in this context Wald is a place name.
It is now part of Solingen.

Just to add: 'Wald' was an independant town until 1929, the year when 'Wald' was merged with the town 'Solingen' and the towns 'Gräfrath', 'Höhscheid' and 'Ohligs' to form the 'City of Solingen'.
So, the text 'Wald b/Solingen' or 'Wald bei Solingen' is a good indicator that the razor was manufactured prior to 1929.
Received in the mail today. Gave it a light cleaning with 000 steel wool followed by buffing compound on a cloth with liberal application of elbow grease. Then hot water, soap and a toothbrush. Towel dried then hair blower blasted. Finally a thorough spritzing of disinfectant spray. It’s not perfect, there is some pitting and staining on the face of the blade and the spine, but nothing I can’t live with. Very light hone wear. I’m thinking that I may re-pin the pivot and get at the full tang while I’m at it. Tomorrow I’ll hone and strop.

Just noticed looking at the pictures that the heel might need some work. The stabilizer appears more worn on the side opposite the etching.


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This Crown and Sword is one of my favorites. It's 100% original and the edge holds forever. Best of all, it delivers a super smooth, effortless shave.

I have to retake this picture. In real life this is a bright, shiny blade that looks new.

DSC_6584 - ERN SC.jpg
Here are three of mine. Two are 1720 Crown and Sword. One’s dressed in hard rubber and in my rotation. The other’s dressed in bakelite(?) and has the crown and sword emblem on the scale. Unfortunately that scale is broken near the pivot and the blade has a big smile towards the toe.


Found the third

1463 Vanadium
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Hello. Total noob here. I have this awesome ERN that I just picked up at an auction with a few others. I’ll post pictures of them later. I’m trying to identify the time frame this is from. It’s simply got a crown and scimitar logo and “Second Choice” under it, and Germany on the other side.
Thanks all!


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