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Post your favorite aftershave and describe its smell.

My favorite aftershave is Stetson.
And to describe it I would say it smells like a classic gentleman from the 1800s.

Right now, it's Proraso Red Aftershave Lotion, but I suspect in the future it will be Reuzel Aftershave, when it arrives.

"T-4 Tonic Blend…
Witch Hazel Extract: Soothes tender skin
Nettle Leaf Extract: Natural astringent
Rosemary Extract: Moisturizing
Horsetail Root Extract: Antioxidant "​
Apparently there's much less alcohol than usual.
I don't really care about what the ingredients are supposed to do, but the scent is great. It's very similar to their blue Hair Tonic, very "barbershop".
Proraso Green aftershave lotion (really an alcohol splash more than lotion).

It's got a menthol smell. I love mentholated alcohol-based aftershaves. Provides excellent feedback on your shave and soothes irritation instantly. I'm a junkie for it.


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Tough one.... Avon Spicy, Leather....or Tai Winds.... But I really think Blend 7 is the best. Like I said, tough.

Smells like creamy, spicy orange patchouli.

It's pricey stuff, but works great: artisan performance (not face-drying) with over-the-counter scent strength.
Polo (green..and I HATE having to clairfy which Polo it is, as to me, there's only ONE.)

Pine, leather and tobacco, with patchouli!


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Post your favorite aftershave and describe its smell.

My favorite aftershave has 3 criteria:

1. Smells good

2. Feels good

3. Cheap price

I'll let you add in whatever name meets those criteria, because I probably already own it. :)
Proraso green (Original formula, not the current formula which is more oily and has a weaker scent)
The smell is fresh and crisp. I prefer this aftershave in the hot environments.
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