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That is one, huge brown. When I lived in NJ I fished the Delaware River by the Water Gap. Caught some small mouths and smaller fish but never saw anything like the brown. The only large fish I would see were the huge shad that would come up the River to spawn. The Keys have some excellent fishing. We go down to Marathon every once in a while and catch some nice fish.
Thanks - it was my biggest to date... Just shy of 28". Never fished the Water Gap area - it's a beautiful place though.

And I have a terminal case of Keys Disease thanks to the fishing down there:tongue_sm
Took a couple of friends to the Pere Marquette River in Michigan Saturday for an outstanding day of steelhead fishing. The weather was perfect, the fish were cooperative and the company was entertaining. It is prime time, get out there if you can.
It was an outstanding day. Landed 7 stealhead and had over twenty others on. I am the one not holding a fish, but the guide does get some credit.
Today I took my new TFO BVK 3 weight out for a spin in the Trinity River here in Fort Worth, Texas. I got the set up mostly for trout fishing, but just couldn't wait to get to the mountains to test it out. I caught a few decent sized sunfish, but the real catch was this crappie! I'd never caught a crappie on a fly rod, and it was truly exciting!

Went out to a small local stream to see if the Brookies wanted to play. This was one of the players, the rest were camera shy.


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Might as well add a few from the UK if we haven't had any already, 3 nice carp out of 12 caught on the same day:001_smile Obviously before I found B&B judging by the beard:biggrin1:
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