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Post Your Catch


As an avid fresh and saltwater fisherman, I couldn't wait to get back to my computer to post a few pictures. The first is a day's catch of walleye and northerns in Lac Seul, Canada. Both my brother-in-law and me caught our limit of the fish. In fact, I am heading up there again this week.


My son and I went fishing for grouper and caught our limit. They made for a delicious meal.

$Rob and Jim with Fish.jpg

Fishing in Marathon, the Florida Keys.

$100_0953.jpg $100_0974.jpg $IMG_1466.JPG

As you may guess, I love to go fishing.
it is a salmon shark.
kudos on the walleye! i grew up on harsens island MI. used to go catch those all the time. i loved cutting out the cheeks. thay are like scallops. fry them in butter.
As some of you may know i work on a tugboat that operates in the Gulf of Mexico and on our 3 to 5 day runs across the gulf we through a lure or two over just for fun. And every once in a while we get lucky. We run at speeds up to 11 knots so some trips we don't catch anything. The guy in the pictures isn't me by the way

I didn't see this post until i posted my fish pics thread. Sorry guys. maybe a mod can consolidate my thread into this one? Here's another pic of a sailfish we caught

$2011 sail fish # 2.jpg
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$black and gag 7.2012.jpg

From my trip this weekend. Did some scouting for an upcoming spearfishing tournament, we left the big ones in hopes that they're still there when we comes back.
My wife, with the Redfish she caught today.

$Redfish 6-22-13.jpg

Nothing I caught was worth taking a picture of...but I sure was proud of her for boating that nice red.

Did some nymphing last night. Caught about 7 fish, with this one the smallest when about 18 inches.