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Post your Butterscotch Eye Candy Here!

Flea market was very good to me this weekend.
Made Rite 58 with a great swirl in the Handel, a Made Rite 177 and a unknown brush.
The smaller unknown is a little wiry that will be great for exfoliation.




Weekend wild finds, Ever Ready 1000 on the left, a Wontshed on the right and my Ultra Wee Culmak in the middle.
The Culmak, at just over 1 1/2 inches tall is the smallest brush I ever found. It is even two band.



They don't show up well in these compressed photos, but I can clearly see machine marks around and on the handle's bottom. Very cool!

The handle is about 31 mm (1.22") tall. Overall brush height is 67 mm (2.64").



Nice stuff!

Did you actually try out the knot in that brush Ken?
Not yet, but it's very tempting.

Whoever turned that handle was very, very accomplished. It's tiny!

I don't know how anyone could improve on either the style or execution.
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Here's a variant w/ photo showing comparison to a modern Wee Scot.

I prefer mine. The bead (ring) on the one in the eBay listing is flat on top instead of turning a smooth continuous arc into the upper section, and I think the angle of the line that extends down to connect with the top side of the bead is a little more "elegant" for lack of a better term.
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Here are the ones that I have picked up over the last year and a half at flea markets and antique shops.

$2016-12-30 18.40.18.jpg

Left to Right

Ever Ready 10
Rubberset 6-50
Stag 500
Opal B 395
Made Rite 41
And the last one is unknown