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Post your Butterscotch Eye Candy Here!

I use the term 'rare' with caution - but Vintage Simpson Butterscotch boars are at least uncommon.

Thanks to @sxot for his assistance in this coming my way.

Handle diameter: 36mm
Handle height: 50mm
Knot diameter: 24mm
Loft: 48mm

Clearly the knot has seen better days - I was curious if it could create a decent lather. You can see the results here below:

Markings (faint) are:

Pure Bristle
Made in England
Received these 3 brushes from the the UK. The one on the left marked "London Made" is yet to be identified.

Fitted with a TGN finest knot in fan shape.
@ Hodge, beautiful brush! It's the only other London House I've seen, I have a very large London House brush, but it is without its decal. What is the figure at the top of the decal?