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Post your Butterscotch Eye Candy Here!

I must admit, I'd seen posts about butterscotches and didn't really get it.
Why were they so desirable ??? Meh, it's just another brush handle......:confused:
That is until I found mine and cleaned it up .

Now I get it........

There's something that oozes "vintage" about them.

I know there's pics spread out through the forum but let's get them all together in one thread, so that Butterscotch lovers have a single Candy Shop to visit :001_smile

I'm not talking those wannabe B&B LE 2009 Candies, I'm talking good old fashioned vintage candy. :001_tongu

It helps me too that Kent was able to date my brush handle, it now has a "history", just like my razors.

So opening the candy shop:

1949 Kent KS7 ( originally ) white bristle brush with what was described as "Special" shape brush, costing seventeen shillings and 6 pence (17/6) pictured with my same era 1949 British Aristocrat #16 costing 32 shilling and 6 pence (32/6) :w00t:
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here is my butterscotch simpsons.. NOS major and reknotted chubby

ps: great thread!
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WHAT???? I thought I was just dreaming that the 2009 would be a butterscotch!! I just threw it out there as a suggestion on the thread (or maybe someone else did and I seconded it), but never thought it would come true! WOAH!!
It is a good night! I've found barbicide in NYC AT LAST and this news about the butterscotch LE brush...wow...
Very beautiful brushes. To think I got into this hobby to save money on passing on shave cartridges.