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Post the brush(es) on its way to your den.

I am very excited for the brush on its way to my den and to celebrate this I would like to see the brush on its way to yours. Newly acquired brushes count too.

Heres mine


Peter will ship my new Wolf Whiskers brush Weds once the knob epoxy is fully set. I can't wait. It is a custom Bishop "Blue Train" with 12 dimples and 24mm TGN Silvertip Grade A Badger knot. It will be a good way to break in the new year!
Thanks Joe and wolfie , cant wait to try it got a chubby 2 Manchurian for my birthday in mid November so let's si how the chubby 3 is 😉

Be well and enjoy wet shaving 😲
Thank you everyone for participating it's been really fun looking at all the goods. Let's keep em coming guys I know there's more out there.