Post the brush(es) on its way to your den.

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by mdwolfie86, Jan 2, 2017.

    I am very excited for the brush on its way to my den and to celebrate this I would like to see the brush on its way to yours. Newly acquired brushes count too.

    Heres mine

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  1. Peter will ship my new Wolf Whiskers brush Weds once the knob epoxy is fully set. I can't wait. It is a custom Bishop "Blue Train" with 12 dimples and 24mm TGN Silvertip Grade A Badger knot. It will be a good way to break in the new year!
  2. Wow... that's beautiful.

    I just bought this Thater here from ShavinElectricity.
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  3. $synthd3butt.jpg
    Simpson Duke 3 synthetic in butterscotch. Pic is off the Simpson website.
  4. thats a beauty! Peters brushes are superb and second to none in quality. Thanks for posting it! :thumbup1:
  5. i do not yet own a thater and I'm a bit jealous I reckon this year will be the year it comes to my den. Very awesome thanks for sharing!
  6. I have been very interested in these Simpson synthetics and that Butterscotch handle makes it that much more special. Congrats on that beauty, let us know how you like it when it arrives.
  7. One zenith 2 band and one BSSW 2 band Archduke.


  8. very nice. Also really digging the color scheme you chose on that BSSW. Congrats!
  9. Thanks. Peter is a real pro to deal with also. His process is like a well oiled machine.
  10. That yellow really pops. Nice.
  11. [​IMG]

    Be well and enjoy wet shaving 😲
  12. That looks sweet like candy my good sir, thanks for sharing.
  13. love the Chubb ... cool colours ..
  14. Thanks Joe and wolfie , cant wait to try it got a chubby 2 Manchurian for my birthday in mid November so let's si how the chubby 3 is 😉

    Be well and enjoy wet shaving 😲
  15. Just got these two in within the past week+...Loving both of them!

    First WW brush...24mm Envy White in a Tyrion shape

    BSSW CHS 30mm 3-band manchurian, post bloom
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  16. Very awesome giveaway coming soon at ricos corner. What an amazing brush from Nathan Clarke, make sure you check it out guys. :thumbup1:
  17. those brushes are amazing! I'm seeing a pattern in the purchases people are making BSSW and WW are pretty popular amongst the gents so far.
  18. Thank you everyone for participating it's been really fun looking at all the goods. Let's keep em coming guys I know there's more out there.

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