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Post Shave Routine

What are those?
I always finish with Nivea balm and Proraso Green on most days. The daily balm treatment or any suitable moisturiser keeps the skin supple.
SW= Southern Witchcrafts
DG= Declaration Grooming
B&M= Barrister and Mann

I’ve found that using witch hazel before applying a balm or aftershave helps my skin tremendously
I rinse with water and apply an alcohol-based splash after every shave.

Balm makes my face feel sticky, certainly in the summer. In the rare instance that my face feels dry, I use a tiny bit of Nivea followed by an alcohol-based splash.

As for having balms that match the scent of every aftershave, Nivea is neutral enough to use with any aftershave, so for me, one balm does it all.
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It absolutely depends on your skin, and you're on the right (and only) track to experiment a bit.

I use Thayer's WH Toner and moisturizer, but I have pretty dry skin. If you had oily skin that might be a poor routine.

There are no rules (or need) about matching your moisturizer to your splash. There are plenty of moisturizers that are virtually scent free.
Cold water splash.
My own aftershave/ toner... I need a little alcohol (around 8-10%) in my AS and I do not like an excessive amount moisturizing (glycerin and aloe).
Ethos unscented lotion after a splash or just Hyloronic Acid and splash. I don’t like scented lotion unless I’m going with plain witch hazel as a splash
Does anyone double up with witch hazel products? I.e. witch hazel and a balm/splash containing witch hazel?

I tend to go with just the one.
Balm/moisturizer followed by shaving oil or argan, abyssinian, camelia etc...sometimes a mixture. The oil prevents my dry skin drying out too fast.
Ì had the best shave ever today. Generous loading of mdc rose. Lovely rose scented lather . Afterwards i had luscious laher left so I covered my smooth face with it whilst I çleaned brush . Rinsed off and then applied trumpers coral skin food which has a very nice rose scent.
Absolutely perfect tion.
Shave, warm water rinse, cool water rinse, alum if I see blood, clean tools while face dries, rinse alum if needed, small application of splash.
Splash again, balm if needed.
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