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Post-shave face wash?

I know this will draw some ire, but I have to ask it. Can someone help me understand the necessity of washing your face after shaving? Many use the leftover shaving cream, and I can get that, waste not want not and all, and why not, just because. But seriously, you just finished brushing a whole load of soap on to your face, several times probably. Is there really a need to wash your face again with soap ... to get the soap off? Am I missing something

To each his own, surely. No criticism intended. I suppose we all do things (habit, ritual etc.) to extend the experience. I guess I'm just naive about this.
When I'm using a soap that I especially like the post-shave feel qualities, after my shave, I will squeeze the excess lather out of the brush & apply it to my face. I'll then rinse my brush leaving the lather on my face the couple of minutes it takes to clean my brush. I then do a cold water rinse & complete my post-shave routine. I can't say if I get any benefit from this, but it sure feels good. I only do this routine when I use Ethos or MdC soaps because I love the quality of post-shave those soaps provide (I know what some are thinking, MdC?). When I'm in a hurry, I forego this step.
I shower before I shave.

After I shave, I wipe my face with a cloth.
I hunt down every bit of soap that might be clinging
because it just doesn't look good.

Then I apply aftershave.

The end.
I don't think many guys "wash their face after shaving." We do rinse off the old soap and reside with water before applying our aftershaves.

Respectfully, I think the original premise was flawed.
I do it because the skin where I shave looks different (i.e. smoother) than the rest of my face.
Maybe its all the added ingredients to shave soap thats better for the skin, such as butters, fats and oils. I use left over lather so that the rest of my face can get some of that skin care goodness.
Sometimes I apply the leftover lather and rinse warm/cold before the aftershave somehow it improves my post shave feel
I squeeze the remaining lather out of the brush and I spread it all over my face. I let it sit there while I disassemble the razor, rinse the blade, soap and brush. I find that by doing that it greatly improves my post shave feel. It's like having a beauty mask on. I then thoroughly rinse with cold water and my shave's over. I doubt anyone uses the leftover lather to wash the soap off of their face but rather to get the most out of the soap's ingredients
After I finish shaving I do a cold water rinse, then apply a splash. That’s enough for me! :thumbup1::thumbup1:

Just a tiny bit more complicated:
rinse off the soap with (sponge and) warm water, follow with cold water to close the pores, then the aftershave… :thumbup1:

Ponds Cold Cream -It's a cleanser, moisturizer and has a cooling effect. That's why they call it COLD cream
Respectfully, I think the original premise was flawed.

No, not at all. Read the posts that follow yours. However, admittedly distinction should have been made between rinsing and full on washing. I can see rinsing, but it's the application of left over lather that stumps me. Good explanations given though. Nevertheless, to each his own.
My favorite soaps have such terrific skin softening and moisturizing properties that putting the leftover soap on my whole upper face and forehead makes my skin look and feel terrific. All those top quality healthy fats and butters make my skin soft and smooth.
If i use Tabac i wash my face post shave to get that smell off. It is strange. I like the smell when i shave, but i can't stand the post shave smell.
If i use Tabac i wash my face post shave to get that smell off. It is strange. I like the smell when i shave, but i can't stand the post shave smell.
Haha I implore you to try the aftershave, then. You will LOVE it. I bought a 10oz container of it last week and it's just not growing on me. I thought maybe this is what cool German people smelled like in the 70s but I normally live in a dream world and that stuff is likely no exception. Too sweet and powdery. I'm pretty sure the stuff started as women's products, am I wrong? I will love the shaving pucks until I die, however.
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After my last pickups I do a warm water rinse followed with a cold water rinse. I will use witch hazel instead of Alum most of the time and it cleans any soap residual & then Aftershave with a following dollop of CeraVe moisturizing lotion to finish my shave. Mostly happy results, it might seem like a lot of fuss but I added a few different steps as I went along over the years that seems to benefit my skin.
Some soaps have different ingredients that might make your skin unhappy so rinsing is a good idea for most folks.
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