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    So re-entering my car in front of the post office, I contorted to re-holster my pistol. It’s a pain, but taking off the entire inside the waistband holster is a heck of a lot safer than just pulling the gun. But it had me wondering, how many accidental discharges do you figure occur in front of United States Post Offices?
  1. I have an under the dash holster for mine. It usually rides there when I driving and then I put it in my IWB when I get out if I’m in a place I can.

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  2. I got to tell you, I have a shoulder holster that makes driving a breeze. I love my shoulder holster!
  3. That's what I do when I go to the post office or courthouse (although you can carry in the courthouse if you don't go into a courtroom or the district clerk's office)...a lot easier than taking the holster off. Just keep your booger picker off the trigger and pay attention that nothing gets into the trigger guard.

    One time another investigator and I went to the Dallas FBI office on a murder case and there was a sign on the gate that said no firearms allowed on any of the property. What are you supposed to do when you're 100 miles from home? We just left them in the car and no problems.
  4. Exactly. Banks here in KS have removed their no gun signs. I don’t go into banks much anymore, but when I do, it’s nice.

    Heck anymore, just about anywhere in KS lets you conceal. The Uni’s do even. No open carry though.

    As for pulling the gun sans holster, I get it, shouldn’t be a problem. But now that I think about it, what if someone breaks into my car and grabs it and it goes off. I wonder if I’d be responsible?
  5. That depends on how Kansas laws are, haven't lived there in years. Here, if you have taken reasonable measures to secure it you should be fine. If someone breaks into your locked car and takes it it's a felony...on them. In California though....

    Good thing that you are thinking about that. Shows responsibility. Car gun safe?


    I don't have to worry about it much if I leave it in a locked vehicle. I have a regular gun safe at home, but if it makes you feel better they are not that expensive.

    Car Gun Safes - The Best 10 Vehicle Gun Locks [Updated July 2019]

    My home safe is a 12 gun Liberty...great quality and very reasonable prices.

    Liberty HD-100 | Portable Gun Safe | Mini Gun Vault
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  6. Great post. Thanks!
  7. You should be able to find the Liberty portable safe a bit cheaper than the MSRP at another store rather than ordering one from their website. I got my 12 gun Liberty, that MSRP is about $500, at the Atwoods farm and ranch place here on sale for $400. You may be able to find one for a bit under $100 instead of the $120 on their site.

    That is something to consider...being as I usually carry vintage firearms. Those ain't cheap. Wish I still had my peace officer cert. then I wouldn't have to worry about civilian carry laws.
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    For safety's sake, minimize your time in gun-free zones!

    AA :001_unsur Yeah.
  9. Aww...surely you jest. :lol:
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    The patent absurdity of gun laws is another topic … such as tacking a carry charge on top of multiple murder charges. AND, he parked illegally! Another $25!


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