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Post-Lockdown Haircut??


OK, gents, Who's been able to get a haircut at the barbershop, now post-lockdown?

Tell about your experience!

Was an appointment needed? How far in advance? Any "Covid surcharge"?

Booked mine...two week wait!

barber with mask.jpg
Made an appointment 10:00 am, went to the shop waited outside and by 10:45 am I was driving back home with a brand new haircut.

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Barbers here are pretty much all booked up a couple weeks out. I havent noticed a COVID surcharge, although there are some new guidelines such as how you have to wait in your car until they are ready and they have dividers between the chairs.
I looked into it but am waiting another month or 2 before I go back to my barber. Im fine cutting my own hair and I can do without the craziness.


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I am letting my hair grow. I am single. There is no drill sergeant watching over me.
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I was able to get a haircut and beard trim about 10 days ago from the guy I've been going to since 1979 (except for my time in Denver). I called on a Tuesday; he couldn't take me until the next Tuesday. But we scheduled my next for Saturday 6/6. Same price as usual, though I asked if his price had gone up.

He and everybody in the shop were wearing masks, and he gave me a disposable to wear while I was in the chair. Normally I would have objected. But I know his immune system is compromised, and it was pretty close quarters.
Our barber shops are still closed but I have a question.

It would appear that barbers are now or going to require their clients to wear face masks. Does this mean that a barber's shave will be unavailable?
Got mine on the 12th. I'll probably schedule one here in a week again.

The guy i go to has a 10x12 room suite he rents inside a bigger building. so it's just him and the customer. Nothing changed except he was wearing a mask. No extra charges.
Got one yesterday. As the restrictions have been loosened I managed to get over to see my brother who is amongst other things a ladies hair dresser. Sat in the garden with masks on and hand sanitizer. Great fade cut.


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I buzz my head. So I do it at home.

My bro called the other day on his way to a hair appointment. He said he made it 2 weeks prior. I just said “wow. You don’t even have that much hair left. Just tell them to buzz it and start doing it yourself”

Times are changing! Last time I went to the barbershop I just walked in, sat down and waited. Of course that was about...2016
Our baber shops are starting to open up - in a limited sort of way. Masks must be worn at all times by barber and client.

No shaves 😟.
My barbershop was supposed to open on Saturday. I figured they would be too busy then. Normally, they are not busy late morning. I plan to run by there before lunch today to see if they can clean me up. My wife gave me a haircut once during the lockdown. She cut my hair for 40 years, so she does a good job.
I went a few weeks ago after they "allowed" it again. just had to wait a little while until my guy was done because they don't do this appointment thing. They had raised prices by 28.5% though. I don't know if that will be temporary or forever.
I stopped by my barber on Sunday 7/5 to give him a reopening gift of a bottle of Plague Doctor aftershave. He's young and I thought he might enjoy the label. He said appointments were required, but since the place was empty, I made an appt for then and he gave me my usual #1 buzz. Senior prices were up temporarily to $24, but he's a young guy with 2 kids, so I gave him $40 plus the aftershave. I'm retired and I ain't rich, but I really feel sorry for barbers and restaurant workers. I picked up a pizza for the first time in over 4 months last weekend and tipped the owner $10 for a $12 pie. He didn't even want to take it at first. He was like "are you sure?"
A friend hired a hairdresser used to doing out-calls to come and give us all haircuts in her sunny backyard. Seven or so of us, quite fun, socially distanced, about a month ago.

I think my barber shop might be a casualty of the riots, but I haven't checked yet; maybe in a couple of weeks, unless we go back into lock-down.


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I went a while ago, about a week and a bit after the barbers were allowed to re-open around here. Just walk-in (no mention of appointments ... dunno if he even does them) and not too too much of a wait. He and the second barber who works for him said they had been very busy since reopening.

No change in prices, but everyone was tipping really well.

I am letting my hair grow. I am single. There is no drill sergeant watching over me.
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