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Post Holidays PIF


I’m downsizing my shave den a bit, and wanted to brighten the winter doldrums for a lucky B&B member. I would like to gift this to a new member with less than 100 posts. Up for grabs is the following:

A Semogue Boar Brush – well broken in. I have accumulated several synthetics and a couple Omega Professionals, so this brush doesn’t see much use.

A Merkur Progress. Except for the dial being off when the top cap is screwed down all the way, in great shape. I have a Parker variant, and prefer the more aggressive knurling for my soapy slippery hands.

A Gillette Tech – picked this up at a garage sale and already have one. It’s well worn but should shave just fine.

A batch of blades left over from a sample pack – Sharks, 7am Plus Platinums and Voskhod. These didn’t work for me, so I am letting others give them a try.

I will be picking a winner next Friday, the 21st by random number generator. CONUS only. Good Luck!
I'm in for this great PIF. I've actually been thinking of buying a Progress so thank you for this chance.
I'm in.
Although I do have 106 post it's because recently my Rockwell 6C broke apart after 3 months and I was looking for suggestion and adjustable razor is what I am looking so this PIF would be perfect for me.
I hope you will allow my entry @dotKomo
Thanks for your generosity :)
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