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Post a photo of you having a smoke...

It's amazing how your mind builds a picture of people in your head though talking to them on the forum and then you see them and they look nothing like the image your mind created, no offense but you guys look nothing like your avatars :)

I dont now what your talking about...ok it has been a couple years and I may have put on a pound or two but I havnt change that much
The attachment below is a pic of me (far right in my Army Mess Blue uniform), with my brother-in-law (center), and friends smoking Cubans on the night of his marriage many 'moons' ago during the reception party. :thumbsup:

"Those who Smoke Havana’s will never die of Cancer...but those who don't...will die of Envy". Cuban Cigar Slogan



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I usually don't provide evidence that can be used against me, but... Here is my ugly mug this AM after a long grave shift. CAO Osa, Rum & Coke, and a fuzzy because 53* is pretty darned cold for us thinned blooded desert types!


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i need to grab my boswell wizzard and get a pic. heres the wizzard for now till i get a pic of me smoking with it.
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i need to grab my boswell wizzard and get a pic. heres the wizzard.
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That's an awesome pipe GTO, but where are you? :) are you under the rock? Now when you get time post one of you smoking the thing. I started a "Pipe porn" thread too for display all your beautiful pipes, I added photos of most of mine last night.
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def not a rock hard physique lol... just wanted to post the pic of it for now. i need to get some tobacco again. need to call boswell
Trying out my new hunter's pipe tonight with a little JFH "Shortcut To Mushrooms", anybody know anything about these pipes?
Here's a shot from late summer (only one I had handy). I don't remember the brand, but it was a nice maduro...


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