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Post a photo of you having a smoke...

Deployment a little more than halfway done. Greetings from (not so) lovely, (anything but) scenic Bahrain...
I've done the driving tour of the region. Trust me, that's a scenic view! But you're on the downhill slope now. Just remember, a tour doesn't last forever. It only feels that way. Stay safe, Senior Chief!


With a great avatar comes great misidentification
KBV Burlier Morning Pipe in a Bones Balldog. Not as cold today but still bundled up.
It would make sense to move away from the Specialist series of rank. When I left the service 17 years ago, they had just made a policy that you can't reenlist unless you had gone in front of a promotion board.

The only issue of getting rid of that rank is getting pat the E-4 Mafia.
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